December 2007

FLNY RYDERZ was born December 7, 2007 with 12 members. The team was created after 2 of the founding members had moved down to Florida from New York. They fell in love with the weather and being able to ride all year long. Alex (Founder and President) was born and raised in Queens, N.Y. and had lived there for 28 years before moving to Florida for personal reasons. If you ask him, he laughs and says. “I packed all I had into an Astro-Van and drove down.” His cousin, “Hype” Mike (co-founder), was already living down in central Florida, so a place for him to stay was easy and available. Selling his bike before leaving NY was the hardest thing he had done besides leaving his wife to start a new life. Alex came from a small family and left whatever he had in NY behind with them. He came to Florida to make a change in his life and this he most definitely did.

A couple of months later, after finding a job, his wife came down and he was able to buy a bike. His cousin bought one too and they were on their way to the beginning of something that would soon become huge. At that time there were a couple of other clubs in the area but none of which interested Alex, his cousin, Hype or Mike. So they did some research and decided they would start their own club and name it after the two things they have grown to know and love‚ Florida & New York. When the birth of the club was at hand, they decided on a 1 piece patch with the meaning of a family or social club no MC or bottom rockers to avoid any further political issues. When they stepped out onto the scene they were asked by the local sport bike council to refrain from wearing vests for a time period of 6 months. This was a probationary period to see if they would support all the other clubs in the area and follow the rules and bylaws that had already been established. After a total of 4 months FLNY RYDERZ was allowed to wear vests. As a matter of fact, Bike Week 2008 was the first time the logo hit the streets. Then, with vests on and gas tanks filled, and a new patch on their backs. with smiles on their faces, Alex and his new family hit the streets.(Alex, Hype Mike, Big H ,& Carlos ) were the first 5 vested members to hit the streets that weekend.

Since then the team has supported and attended every event possible across Central and all South Florida regions rain or shine hot or cold, establishing and earning the respect of most local 1 % clubs as well as well established sport bike MC clubs. If you ask him how he feels about it, he thanks and credits his success to the members, his wife and his family for standing by his side. FLNY exists today as one of the most prominent, largest and fastest growing bike club in the state of Florida and chapters are currently in several other States and growing...


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Our History


Welcome to the FLNY RYDERZ Atlanta Chapter!  As chapters continue to get established and grow, I am happy to announce the birth of our Chapter here in Atlanta.

We are riding club open to all walk of life; we have high standards and follow a MC protocol.  To become a member there is a hang-around period of 30 days and a prospecting period up to one (1) year before being voted to become a full patch member.

We are more than just a motorcycle riders club, we are a family!

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Who We Are